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Experts in Ageing Male Disease

Following the ESD philosophy of bringing expert knowledge to the doorstep of developing countries, this new initiative aims at widening the scope of knowledge transfer under the umbrella of ageing male disease which comprises a wide spectrum of afflictions from erectile dysfunction to lower urinary tract dysfunction, from male menopause to age related cancers, from BPH to prostate cancer, not to mention affiliated psychological and social problems inherent to this age group.

Τhe official launch of this new initiative is schedule to take place during the 2nd ESD Conference in Cape Town on Saturday 13th of December 2014. During the inaugural symposium, international experts will cover many aspects of the disease extending from erectile dysfunction, lower urinary tract symptoms, metabolic syndrome and lifestyle, to prostate and penile cancer prevalent to that age group.

As science pushes life expectancy to new records, urologists facing relevant problems will find this initiative a great opportunity to receive valuable information from globally renowned colleagues with valuable experience to share!