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Experts in Stone Disease ESD aims to be the platform where globally recognized experts meet with their peers and trainees to exchange knowledge and to build networks for the flow of information. In facilitating their cooperation and networking, ESD opens new boundaries with the force of accumulated expertise and helps the global community stay ahead of the day to day changes in technology and pharmacology in close cooperation with researchers and the industry, especially also including developing and still underdeveloped countries in the process.
Our aims are the following:

  • Provide a platform to share knowledge and expertise, a forum for discussion and the means for productive networking.
  • Identify, establish, promote and maintain the relationships between key experts in Stone Disease and provide them with actuarial input to improve the soundness of decisions made on important issues with a global impact.
  • Promote and enhance multi-disciplinary exchange, research and networking between all stakeholders in Stone Disease (Urologists, Nephrologists, Dieticians, Researchers, Scientists, Health Care Providers, Industry).
  • Promote professionalism, develop standards of practice and encourage research with the active involvement of young urologists in order to address changing needs.
  • Identify and establish key relationships among national and international urological associations.
  • Provide local urological communities of developing and still underdeveloped countries with input on key issues of the Stone Disease.
  • Support and promote the awareness of Stone Disease in regions where this is needed.
  • Enhance our professional potential with state-of-the science accredited CME conferences and assessment tools.
  • Give access to presentations and videos which provide excellent descriptions of new surgical techniques and their results.
  • Highlight commonalities (strengths) and gaps (opportunities for improvement) in our practice.
  • Operate, educate and apply knowledge on a solid ethical basis with patient safety and welfare as top priorities.